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February 8


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*The scene starts off with a eight-year-old Mike waking up on a cold December day. Of course, this was just an ordinary day. His mother informed him that it was indeed a snow day, and nothing could have made the little boy happier - considering he now had a chance to hang out with all the personalities in his head. So, after going into his subconscious, he then tells the Chester, Vito, Svetlana, and Manitoba the news. Of course, his fifth personality is who he was most excited to tell. His name was Mal, and ever since they were five, the two loved spending snow days together - building snowmen being their most favorite activity of all. Although...for some reason...he had been acting a little distant lately - or so Mike was told by the other fours personalities. Of course, Mike didn't think anything of it. He just figured Mal must have been sleeping or was just feeling a little down. Nothing a good, long snow-day wouldn't cure! So, with excitement in his eyes, he then rushes to Mal's room to tell him*

Mike: Mal? *knocks on his door*
Do you wanna build a snowman?
Come on let's go out and play!
It's like I never see you anymore,
Please come out the door.
Let me help you chase those blues away!
We used to be best buddies,
But now it's like we're not...
I just wish I knew why.
Do you wanna build a snowman?
It doesn't even have to be a snowman.

Mal: *in a hissing tone* Go away, Mike.

Mike: *blinks in surprise, and hands his head sadly* Okay, bye...

*Mike then sadly walks off to the others - wondering why Mal was acting the way he was.*

*It then skips to two year later. Mike (and the other - excluding Chester) were now ten years old. It was once again December, and a huge storm blows into town - getting another snow day for all schools in the area. Excited, Mike once again goes to his subconscious, and tells the others. Of course, it then came to telling Mal. Sadly...he had still not come out of his room since Mike's last visit, or just did it when no one was around. And in fact, the others had been saying they sometimes heard him muttering in his room when they passed it - as if some sort of mad-man. But then wasn't going to stop the spiky haired boy from asking Mal to come out once again. Because...he still had some hope that maybe....he could finally get through to his former best friend. Mike then gets a smile, and walks up to Mal's door*

Mike: *knocks on Mal's door once more, and sings in a slightly deeper voice* Do you wanna build a snowman?
Or just come out, and roam the halls?
I think some company is overdue,
The others swore they heard you talking to,
The pictures on your wall.

Not that there's anything wrong with that if you do!
I mean, it must get really lonely...
Being all alone in that empty room.
Just watching the hours tick by.

*Mike then listens, and when he only hears the sound of Mal's clock ticking away in his room, he gives a defeated sigh. He stays for a few more minutes in hopes of an answer, but when he doesn't get one, he just walks away*

*It then skips to another two years later. Mike was now twelve years of age, and....was growing very concerned for Mal. The others had been speaking of how he had been plotting a take over all in the seclusion of his room - only coming out late in the night and going back in before sunrise. Of course...Mike didn't want to believe them since Mal had been his best friend at one time, but....due to recent circumstances....he considered it a very likely possibility. In fact, the whole ordeal had drained Mike of any excitement he could of had for Christmas or December in general. Although....on a cold, cold day near the end of the year, hail rained down and covered the roads. This effectively gave some schools snow days, and presented Mike one last chance to get through to Mal before it was too late. So, without even a smile this time, he then shakily went to Mal's door, and stood there for what seemed like years*

Mike: *hesitates a long time before finally knocking - singing in a fully matured voice* Mal...
Please, I know you're in there.
The other's say you've been up to no good.
They say I shouldn't trust in you, but I'm going to.
I'm right out here for you; just let me in.
Remember when we only had each other,
When it was just you and me,
What ever did I do wrong?
Do you...wanna build a Snowman?

*Like all the other times, Mike heard no reply. Finally, the years of silence and response-less knocking finally weighed heavily on his thin shoulders, and he broke down crying. He then turned around, and let his back slide down the door until he was sitting. Mike then brings his hands to his knees, and sobs -  every sense in him screaming he had let down his best friend. Of course, what he didn't know was....Mal was right on the other side of the door - eyes brimming in tears as he reaches for the door-nob. The words he had chocked back for years were tinging on his tongue, and his soul screamed to go out and make up with Mike - included with hugs and apologies. But the sudden memory of Mike's betrayal played in his mind, and...his hand slowly retracted away form the handle. His hands then clenched into fists, and he slowly forced back all the sadness he felt. Mal knew his plan was only a few days away from completion, and he kept repeating to himself that Mike and the others he has selfishly created deserved all that was coming to them - even though tears kept rolling down his cheeks*
(Feat. Mal)

Oh was actually painful for me to write this.

For some reason, almost every single "Frozen" song made me get emotional. Of course, it was actually this one and "Let it go" that I actually cried when it came on in the movie (because of personal reasons). But anyway, I got the idea to do this today surprisingly, and roughly a half-hour of typing later, here I am. warned: "Let it go" is most-likely next to become a Mal Version.
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the Frozen songs made me cry too! :iconcraiplz: And this just topps it off.
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Well, your pain of writing this certainly paid off. I think I might actually cry. And I NEVER cry at songs!
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Well, I'm sorry I made you cry, but I'm glad you like it. :3
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This is great. Make me want to cry. And you are doing a let it go Mal version, then I'm already feeling the waterworks coming.
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