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It was the first thing Butters saw when his eyes opened that next morning.

In all honesty, the lack of windows in his room was already beginning to affect him. Not only was it messing with his bodies natural sleeping schedule, but his very sense of time was also starting to crack and crumble.

Butters momentarily thought about telling someone of this...but he was sure it wouldn't really matter considering his position here.

The blonde's eye then slowly adjusted to the darkness of the room, and soon, the grey walls of his room were visible to him once more. He then sat there for what seemed like hours, gazing aimlessly at the ceiling like he had last night till he eventually fell asleep, until the sound of his door being unlocked caught his attention.

"Good morning Butters." Stan greets as he swings the door to the blondes room open. Butters then notices a tray of scrambled eggs with a side of toast and orange juice in the others hands, and a sudden rumble from his stomach reminded him he hadn't eaten much of anything yesterday.

"Is….is that for me?"

"Of course." Stan reassures. "We serve all our patients here three square meals a day, and no one is of exception." The raven haired male then hands the tray over to Butters before continuing, "Now, eat your breakfast, and later I'll come back to get you for your one-on-one therapy session."

The blonde then gives a simple nod as a reply, and without another word, Stan leaves.

Soon after he left, Butters then turned his attention to the food on his tray, and another growl from his stomach encouraged him to dig in. He then grabbed the plastic spork set on the side of the tray, and wasted no time devouring the eggs. The blonde then periodically begins eating his toast as well as sipping his juice, and in just a short while, he had finished the last of his breakfast off.

He admitted it wasn't the best meal he'd ever had, but a part of his was just happy they still fed him despite what he had - supposedly - done.

Butters then sits silently on his bed, occasionally fiddling with the tray or other item on it out of boredom, and in what seemed like maybe thirty minutes (although, the blonde had always been a slow eater, so he knew more time had to have passed than that) Stan was unlocking his room door once more.

"Okay, it's time for your one-on-one therapy session." Stan states. "Just leave your tray from breakfast here, and the people who have to search you room for contraband will take care of it."

The blonde feels a bit off knowing people will search the room he was currently staying in while he was away, but figured it was just one of the many guidelines of being in a mental institution, so he obligated without complaint.

The two then made their way down the halls to where the shorter had gone to talk to Kyle the other day, and before the blonde could say anything, Stan speaks up.

"This is where you'll be going to your one-on-one therapy sessions from now on.' Stan explains. "The doctor is waiting for you inside."

Butters couldn't help but get slightly confused at this, but goes inside nonetheless. Inside, the room was just the same as yesterday, but only this time, a female with dark black hair around Stan's age was sitting in the spot Kyle had the day previous.

"Hello Butters." The women says as she gives the blonde a warm smile. "I'm Doctor Pattie Nelson - the one on one patient therapist here. Please, come have a seat, and we can get todays session started."

The blonde wasted no time obligating, and once he was seated, spoke up.

"Um, Miss…. I guess I'm a bit confused. Isn't this Kyle's office?" Butters asks. "I-I mean, this is the room I talked to him in the other day."

"Oh, that's only because this room is devoted solely for one-on-one sessions with patients." Pattie explains. "So I guess you can see me and Kyle do share this room, but mostly, he presides over group therapy."

"Oh...okay then. Thanks."

"Anytime. Now, let's begin, shall we?"

Pattie then readies the pen in her hand, and for the next hour, asks Butters questions like Kyle had the day previous. Of course, the things she asked weren't like the things the redhead had questioned him on. No, these questions were covering more broad topics. LIke, "How are you feeling?" and, "Have you had any outbursts of violence recently?".

It was admittedly a bit tedious, but the blonde figured it was better than him having another emotional breakdown.

"Alright Butters, that just about wraps up this session for today." Pattie stares; clicking her pen so the point was no longer out. "As of now, I don't see any reason to start putting you on any medication, but I do want to see you everyday for at least two weeks to make sure that this does not change."

"Okay." Butters mumbles out. "Thank you, ma'am."

Pattie just smiles, and gives a quick, "No problem." in response. The blonde then stands, and heads toward the exit without another word.

"Hey." Stan casually says as Butters steps into the hall. The taller then crosses over, and takes Butters lightly by the arm. The dark-haired male then begins to walk down the hall, and shortly after, talks once more. "So, how was your one-on-one therapy session? Did Pattie prescribe you any medication?"

"It was fine," Butters answers. "She actually said she didn't think I needed it."

"Really?" Stan asks; his tone giving off slight surprise. Butters then confirms with a nod, and the other gives a slight hum. "Interesting."

The blonde couldn't help but note a certain tone in Stan's voice when he says this, but before he could call the raven-haired man on it, they arrived back at Butters room. The taller then unlocks it, and looks to the other.

"Here we are." Stan states. "I'll be bringing you by dinner later, and a bit after, I will be taking you to your first group therapy session."

"Yes sir."

The shorter then heads into the room, and heads right for the bed - which he noted no longer had the plate from breakfast on it. He then sat down on the edge of the mattress just a few minutes after Stan had closed the door, and as he begun the endless seeming waiting, he couldn't help but wonder if the raven haired guard's tone meant anything significant, or if it was just a coincidence.

He admitted it was a silly thing to occupy his mind with...but when you spend of your day in a dark, locked room with nothing but a bed in it; any distraction is welcome.

"Hey Butters. It's time to go to group."

The blonde then gives a small nod before getting off his bed, and walking over the door. Once there, the two then head through the halls towards the therapy room Butters had visited the past times he'd been down there, but turn the opposite way at the hall - putting them in front of a different oak door.

"This is the group therapy room." Stan explains. "You'll be spending two hours here every other day, and after, be brought directly back to your room. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

The blonde then silently heads over to the oak door, and with a slight turn of the knob, heads through the white doorway.

Once inside, he saw that the room was substantially bigger than any he'd been in

since arriving at the asylum. It's walls were a forest green color, which surprisingly gave the room a soothing vibe to it, and was accented with a brown carpet. In the middle of said room, chair had been put into a U shape with one at the center of it - Butters presumed that where Kyle would be sitting during this session - and in the very corner, a desk with only a few pictures and a book on it was stowed away in the corner.

Butters had to admit; it was refreshing to see such a cheery room in a sea of of nothing but harsh whites and depressing greys.

"Ah, Butters, there you are." Kyle says with a small smile once he noticed the blonde entering the doorway. "I was wondering when you'd be brought here. Please, take any of the empty seats, and relax. We're still waiting on one more person, so it'll be just a few more minutes before we can start."

The blonde nods in understanding, and looks more in-detail at the selection of vacant chairs to choose from.

The first one he saw was a seat at the end in between a girl with silver-dyed hair along with almost translucent-pale skin and a boy with jet-black hair with a patch of fading red hair-dye in the middle of it, and the second was a seat in-between this boy with tangled blonde hair and Kenny; the boy who had stared at him in the hall the other day.

It took a few minutes, but Butters decided to sit next to the unidentified blonde and Kenny; since those two looked much less intimidating.

"Um…i-it's okay I sit here, right?" Butters asked the boy to his left a bit awkwardly; not wanting to get on the bad side of his fellow patients on his mere second day.

"'s fine." The boy with the tangled mess of blonde hair says with a stutter. He then seems to tilt his head a bit before asking, "So, y-you're the new guy that just got here yesterday, r-right?"

"Yep, that's me." The blonde simply replied; sort of getting used to being known as "the new guy" around the asylum. He then pauses slightly before polite extending his hand toward the other. "My name's Butters."

The other looked at the extend hand for several moments before hesitantly reaching out for it. "I-I'm Tweek. I-It's nice to meet you, Butters."

The taller of the two smiles, and feels a bit of relief that at least one person in the room seemed to be friendly. Before anything else is said, Butters hears something that derails his train of thought.

"Hi Butters."

The small, whisper-like voice went almost unnoticed by him.

The blonde then looks around, but sees no one looking in his direction. That is, of course, excluding when he suddenly noticed Kenny's eyes transfixed on him. Butters momentarily wondered if he could have been the one that had spoken to him earlier, staring back into the others piercing sea-blue eyes, but after several minutes pass in silence, he dismisses it before looking forward once more.

Butters swore he heard a soft, sad sigh when he did this, but figured it was simply his mind playing tricks on him again.

"Ah, Bradley, welcome." Kyle suddenly speaks up; earning Butters attention. "It's nice to have you here with us today."

The blonde then looked behind in curiosity, and at the door he had entered from earlier was a boy about his age with a head of curly, dirty-blonde hair. Like most of the other patients here, Butters noticed that he had dark circles around his eyes - whether it was from lack of sleep or due to something completely unrelated was still a mystery to the blonde.

"Please, take that open seat over there, and we can begin." Kyle says before taking a seat in the chair that was the center of the U shape.

The dirty blonde did as he was told, and the whole time, his gaze was settled to the floor.

Butters briefly wondered if he was okay, but didn't have too long to think about it before the redheaded psychiatrist began talking again.

"Okay, now what we're all here, I'm going to need someone to start off group today, and share why they're here." Kyle explains; readying the pen in his hand to start writing on the clipboard he'd settled on his lap. "I figured, since we have a new face joining our group today; it'd be appropriate to begin with a little background on each other. That being said, would anyone like to share their story first?"

Kyle's words were met with minutes of silence, but eventually, the girl's pale hand on the end went into the air.

"Thank you for volunteering, Bloodrayne." Kyle says with a small smile. "Please, begin whenever you're ready."

"It's no problem." Bloodrayne reassures with a smile. "And I was sent here because my friend and family think I have some sort of delusion that I'm a vampire, when really, they're just the ones who refuse to believe the truth." She then pause for a few minutes before speaking once more. "As for when it all started, I guess that have to be about two years back; when I was still human. It was back when me and all my friends started getting into all the vampire-related shows on TV, and I just remember really wanting to become one…"

"You sure you don't wanna come with us to the mall, Bloodrayne?"

"Yeah, I'm sure, Larry." Bloodrayne reassures her friend on the other line as she begins to file down her thumbnail. "I'm just comfortable staying in today, and watching the "Buffy" marathon they're running on TV for Halloween. I'll join you guys the next time, though."

"'Kay then." Larry simply replies. "Have fun."

"I will." The silver haired girl says. "See ya tomorrow"

"See ya."

The two then hung up, and Bloodrayne turned all her attention to the images playing on the TV. While they played, a longing rose up inside her. A dark, twisted desire to become one of the blood-sucking immortals like she saw on TV. Not to hurt anyone, mind you, but just to be dark and mysterious like the creatures were; to feel moderately interesting for once.

Of course, she knew it was a totally unrealistic dream.

With a heavy sigh, Bloodrayne then went on with filing her nails to an acceptable smoothness - keeping her attention on the TV as she did so with a certain adoring fondness one might expect from a young child. she continued to do this; her subconscious took hold.

Without even realizing it, she lifted the file to her mouth, and began shaping two of her front-teeth into fine-tipped fangs; not even wincing once during the process.

It wasn't even till hours later, just after dinner to be precise, when she had accidentally bit down on her lip and saw a slight blood trail coming from it that she even drew any attention to her mouth. When she saw her handy work, a certain sense of confusion hit her, but soon after, a strong euphoric happiness took it's place.

After all, this had been what she dreamed of for years. Who wouldn't have been happy?

Without another minute of hesitation, the silver haired girl licked up the remaining blood on her lip before taking off into the night to celebrate her newfound immortality.

"And ever since then, I've been a vampire." Bloodrayne concludes. "I'm still not entirely certain sure how I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror or how blood still came from my lip, but I've concluded it to just my body adjusting to turning from human to vampire."

"Yes, but Bloodrayne, have you ever thought of the possibility that maybe you were the one to have sharpened your own teeth into those points without realizing it?" Kyle politely interjects. "After all, you did say you had a nail file in your hand.

Bloodrayne took a long pause, as if considering this notion, before speaking again. "I had thought of this at one point, but no, I'm positive that couldn't have been how it happened."

"Of course. Sorry for interrupting; please, feel free to continue."

Bloodrayne gives a slight nod before pausing a moment before continuing, "To be honest, there's not much left of my story to be told after that. After I discovered I was immortal, I embraced my new lifestyle right away. I slept all through the days, prowled in moonlight, and refused to eat or drink any human substances. Sadly...I couldn't seem to bring myself to actually drain a living thing of it's blood, and slowly, the lack of feeding began to take it's toll on my body - immortal or not. That's when my friends and family started getting concerned..."

"Bloodrayne, please, listen to me! You need to go get help! You're gonna wither away to nothing if you don't!"

"I've told you...I-I don't…need help..." Bloodrayne weakly explains to Larry.

The brown-haired boy frowns at this, and gives a sad huff in reply. It had been a few weeks since his friend started acting like this, a "real" vampire, and she's been on a downward spiral ever since. Her refusal to eat even the tiniest morsel of food had caused her to drop weight at an alarming weight, so much so that her ribs had actually began to start showing through the skin on her sides, and the lack of any water was only causing her delusions to increase ten-fold.

Needless to say; she wouldn't be able to continue this lifestyle for much longer.

"Hailey, need to stop this." Larry begs; using Bloodrayne's real name to get across how serious this situation truly was. "You're parents are really getting worried about you, you know. The teachers at school are worried about you, our friends are worried about you, I'm worried about you! If not for yourself, then for the love of god, please get help for all the people that care and love for you!"

"L-Larry….I-I'm a Vampire now….this is n-natural since I haven't drank any…...any…."

The silver-haired girl's stuttering explanation suddenly begins to trail off, and without warning, the room is sent into a strong spin. A strong surge of searing white flooded Bloodrayne's vision, and after, her world is plunged into darkness as she faints.

The next time she'd open her eyes; Bloodrayne would find herself in a hospital bed with multiple IV's injected into her.

"Shortly after that, the doctors ran some tests to see if I was stable, and long story short, I ended up being sent here to treat my 'delusions' of vampirism." Bloodrayne concludes with a scoff. "I guess people just don't want to accept truth."

Butters, who had been listening intently to the other story, was in a bit of shock.

There before him, a person that was around his own age, was completely convinced something false was true. The concept itself didn't get him worried, but…it got his thinking.

What if that's what was going on with him?

What if he really hadkilled his mom, and his brain was protecting him from a reality he didn't, want to, or possibly even couldn't, face? That this sense of innocence was just a figment of his imagination? The mind was a complex, strange thing, and if it wanted to, the blonde figured, it could even do something as inconceivable as blocking out the memories of someone murdering their own mother.

Butters felt anxiety spike within him at the thought, but snaps himself out of it when he hears Kyle speaking.

"Alright, thank you for sharing Bloodrayne." Kyle says before giving his signature polite smile. He then turns his gaze to the rest of the group before continuing. "Now, would anyone else like to share today?" The redhead then waited in silence for several minutes, looking to each of the patients in hopes at least one more person would volunteer, but then sighs once he sees no results. "Very well. Since I don't force people to speak in group, you all have the remaining two hours of this session to have free time while I go do some filing. I'll check back in with you all in an hour to see if anyone wants to share, but in the meantime, remember that there are guards right outside. So don't do anything I wouldn't."

With that, Kyle leaves through the nearby door, and everyone breaks off.

Bloodrayne and the black-haired boy next to her go off to a dimly lit corner before talking quietly to each other, the dirty-blonde that had came in late slinks over to the nearby window before taking a seat on the ledge, and the remaining three just seemed to stay in their seats.

Butters then suddenly felt like he should at least try to socialize, he was going to be here with these people for awhile after all, so why not try to get on some of their good sides?

"So...that was interesting." Butters says; turning to Kenny with a polite smile. "Bloodrayne's story, I mean. Hehe, I know it sounds silly, but I was wondering if she should actually suck people's blood with those fangs of hers. What do you think?"

The blue-eyed blonde just stared at the other, much like how he had yesterday when they had met, and after a minute of silence, stands. He then walks off to nearby corner, and leans against it before letting himself slowly slide down the floor. Meanwhile, the blonde watches the other, and can't help but feel a bit anxious. Sure, from what little he knew about Kenny, this behavior was normal, but...he couldn't shake the feeling that, maybe, in some way, he had said something that rubbed Kenny the wrong way.

He decided to ask Tweek to get a clearer answer.

"Was it...was it something I said?" Butters meekly asks. "Did I offend him?"

"Who? K-Ken?" Tweek asks; looking up from the fixed spot he'd been staring at on the floor. "No, no, you're fine. H-He's always like that."

"Oh...okay. I figured as much, but I was just making sure." Butters then takes a short pause before asking, "Please don't think I'm being nosy by this, you happen to know why? I-I'm just curious is all."

Tweek raises an eyebrow slightly at this, almost as if the concept of curiosity was somewhat foreign to him, and moves closer to the other before speaking. "Honestly...I-I did overhear Kyle talking about him to Stan one day when he was walking by my room. A-Apparently, he has this rare condition called Cotard Delusion, o-or something like that. It basically means he has himself c-convinced he had died, and is n-now a ghost roaming our world."

"So...that's why he doesn't talk to anyone? Because he thinks they can't see or hear him?" Butters asks; a sudden wave of sympathy washing over him for Kenny.

"Yeah." Tweek says. "W-Well, except for Kyle and Pattie w-who have him convinced their m-mediums or something, and that they can speak to ghosts. But he normally doesn't speak to them u-unless they're having a one-on-one session."

"How sad." Butters says in genuine concern. "Do you know what caused him to be like this?"

"T-That's actually one thing I don't know." Tweek admits. "I imagine the only ones who know Kenny's story are his family, Pattie, and Kyle."

"Oh...alright then. I'll just let it go." Butters says. The blonde then suddenly feels Kenny's chilling stare on him, so to distract himself, he changed the subject. "So Tweek….it seems you know a lot about what goes around here."

"O-Oh, yeah, I do." Tweek reassures with a prideful smile. "I-I usually just stay in the background anyway, so I happen to o-overhear a lot of conversations."

"Cool." Butters smile. He then took a short pause before asking, "Actually...if it's okay, would you mind telling about the others here? I-I just want to properly address everyone while I'm here is all. Don't wanna step on anyone's toes, ya know?"

"I understand. A-And sure, I can do that."

After Tweek's agreement was uttered, the messy-haired blonde went into explanation about the remaining people in the room he had no clue about.

The boy that was with Bloodrayne was named Pete, and was there to get treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder. Not much is known past that, but he does have three confirmed alternate personalities - A man in his late twenties named Michael, a woman in her mid-twenties named Henrietta, and a Twelve year old kid named Firkle - that can take over his consciousness at any time. Bradley, the boy who was still looking out the window, had actually been sent there on the same charges Butters had. Apparently, he had gone to some Christian Camp when he was ten after telling his parents he might be a homosexual, and eight long years later, finally snapped; gruesomely murdering everyone in the area - counselors, campers, and even two bystanders included.

Least to say, Butters was shocked at the news.

"He...he just killed everyone?"

"Yeah man, h-he's really dangerous when h-he's provoked." Tweek stutters out. "Usually h-he's kept in his cell like the others who aren't suited for group, b-but I guess Kyle finally okayed him for it this time. J-Just don't mention any type of religion around him, o-or he may be triggered."

"Don't need to tell me twice..." Butters mumbles. He then looks to the kid in sitting in the window, and his mind can't even process the fact blood was on his hands. His face alone just looked so...sad. Broken, even, like the world has just kept kicking him down his whole life.

Like with Kenny, he felt a certain sympathy for the other.

The blonde then mentally realized that, in a place like this, you could never judge a book by its cover. It was also shortly after that realization that it occurred to him that he'd yet to hear Tweek's tale, and with admitted hesitation, he spoke up.

"Hey never mentioned why you're here." Butters points out.

"H-Huh? Oh...I guess I haven't." Tweek says with a sheepish chuckle. The twitching blonde then took a moments pause before saying, "T-To be honest...I-I don't know why I'm here."

Butters nearly felt his heart stop. "You don't?"

"No." Tweek admits. "M-My parents just kinda sent me here after I told them about my b-boyfriend, Craig. I-I guess it was just to 'clear-up' my h-homosexuality, but beyond that, I'm totally at a loss for w-why I'm being kept here."

"That's awful." Butters says. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I am glad there's someone else who doesn't know why they're here. be sent to a place like all because of the person you love is wrong. I'm sorry you're parents are thatclose minded."

"A-Aw, they're not so bad." Tweek reassures. "They come and v-visit me on visitation days every once in awhile, and send me care packages on occasion. P-Plus, they're also paying rent on my apartment while I-I'm here so I'll still have a place to live when I get out o-of here. They may be distant, but...I know they still love me." The other then takes a short pause before adding, "S-Speaking of families, a-are yours coming to visitation next week?"

" family?"

"Yeah, l-like your mom and dad and siblings." Tweek explains. "I-I just didn't know if they'll be visiting you s-so shortly after you arrived. I-If not, you can s-sit with me and Craig. I-I'm sure he won't mind the company."

Butters sit there in silence for several minutes.

It had never once crossed his mind that someone he knew would visit him while in the asylum. In all honesty, he had no knowledge of what happened to his father after he found out about his wife's tragic death, or if he even knew where his murdering son was. It was just one of those he just didn't want to think about, and as for the whole visitors issue; Butters was almost positive no one would bother coming to see scum like him.

Of course, he couldn't let Tweek know this. After all, he was still the new guy here, and didn't want to burn any bridges with anyone at least till his second month there.

"….I don't think anyone will be showing up to see me." Butters replies. "But...thanks for saying I can sit with you and Craig. He sounds like a great guy."

"Oh, h-he is." Tweek gushes; seeming to forget any previous conversation. "Craig's protective, but a-at the same time, a total sweet-heart. H-He actually told me that the first thing he's gonna do for me once I get out of here i-is treat me to a nice dinner a-at my favorite restaurant. I-It's one of the things I'm really looking forward to, a-actually."

Butters smiles at the others gushing, but begins spacing out as the other continues.

It wasn't like he didn't wantto listen to Tweek talk, but...he just had a lot of questions about his father on his mind. So much so that he found focusing on anything rather difficult, and wound up missing over half of Tweek's spiel about Craig.

"Alright everyone, you're two hours for group therapy are over. Time to go back to your rooms."

The sound of Stan's voice seems to get everyone's attention, and without a seconds hesitation, every patient in the room stood up and headed toward the door where he and Kevin were waiting. Of course, Butters couldn't help but notice that the only ones who needed to be escorted back to their rooms were himself and Bradley. He thought it was most likely because of the fact they were there on court orders, but he wouldn't waste time asking such an obviously-answered question.

The shorter guard then takes Bradley's arm, and after a few minutes of leaving for the others room, Stan does the same.

"So, how was your first group therapy?" Stan casually asks as he leads Butters through the halls.

"It was good, I suppose." Butters answers softly. "Only one person spoke about why they were here, though. But that's okay. Kyle was actually nice enough to give us the rest of the two hours for free time after it. It let me bond with a fellow patient here - that blonde guy named Tweek. He seems really nice."

"Sounds cool." Stan says; getting a small smile. "And yeah, Kyle's always doing things like that. I personally think that's why so many patients like him"

Butters couldn't help but note the fondness in Stan's tone when he spoke about the redheaded doctor, but before he could call him on it, they turned the corner into the red-squared hallway and, on the other side, saw a security guard. However...this person wasn't Kevin.

If anything, he was the exact opposite.

He was clearly taller than the other, and had a brown head of hair that nearly matched his eyes. The uniform which he wore clung tightly to his plump frame, and the roundness of the others face seemed almost comically exaggerated due to his collared shirt being a few sizes too small for him.

"Hey Eric." Stan greets the man casually. "This is our newest patient, Leopold Butters Stotch. Butters, this is one of the night-shift security guards; Eric Cartman. He'll be one of the ones watching over you guys when me and Kevin go off-duty."

"I see." Butters says softly. He then turns his gaze to Eric before giving a short and arguably bland, "It's very nice to meet you, sir."

Eric, who seemed almost seemed in a state of surprise, snaps himself out of it before giving an impersonal seeming, "Likewise."

The larger male then hurries past, the look in his eyes hinting some sort of underlining distress, and accidentally bumps into the blondes shoulder as he did so. Butters then felt a strange sensation of déjà vu come over him, and...something in the back of his mind whispered that this wasn't new to him.

Like...he knew the other, and had gotten bumped into by him before.

"Huh...strange." Stan comments. "Eric's never been in that much of a hurry before. I guess he finally is doing that paperwork he was assigned three weeks ago." The taller the realizes he had gotten side-tracked, and quickly continues walking Butters back to his room. "Sorry about that. I have a tendency to distract myself with talking. Bad trait for a guard to have, I know, but I try not to do it that often."

"It's fine." The blonde mumbles; getting caught up in thought.

The two soon reach Butters' room, and Stan ushers him in before closing the door behind him. Of course, the shorter hardly seemed to notice. He was too busy focusing all his energy into trying to remember where he knew the other from, and even as he settled down in his bed for the evening, he didn't give up his task.

He knewhe had the answer...but the memory containing it was just out of his grasp.

Eventually, Butters felt his eyes grow heavy, and soon after, he finally gave into the call of sleep - his last minutes of consciousness being spent still trying to remember where on gods green earth he knew Eric from.


"This is horrible!"

The yelled words seemed to echo off the walls of the empty room as Eric continued to pace back and forth on the white tiles.

"How could they send him here!?" Eric roars out. "Out of all the places in all the freaking world, they had to send him here?!" The chubby security guard then pauses a moment before continuing his paranoid rant. "What if he gets his memory back?! What if he remembers what reallyhappened to him?! I'd be fucked! Not to mention I'd lose everything I worked for!"

The brunette then keeps up his pacing back forth for several minutes; his thoughts racing more and more with each step he takes.

It was then that he remembered just how clueless Butters looked when he saw him in the hallway, despite the slight strain to recognize him in his eyes, and the knowledge was enough to get his furious pacing to slowly come to a stop as he thought.

"Maybe...I'm overthinking this". Eric muses; gladly following the direction on his newly rolling train of thought. "I mean...he doesn't seem to remember anything that happened. If I just keep him in line, and make sure nothing jogs his memory, there isn't going to be any problems. And...if he doesstart to remember, he can't do anything to me, because hewas the one convicted by the court! I'd be his word against mine! I'm practically untouchable!"

Calmed by this notion, Eric then smirk at how unexpectedly well things had unfolded before him, and heads over the nearby desk before taking a seat - idly thumbing through some paperwork that should have been completed weeks ago out of boredom.

Of course...what Eric didn't realize was that, from the hall, a certain sea-blue eye'd blonde was just outside the door; listening quietly to every word the other spoke with silent intent.
S.P.I.M.H. - Chap.2: Group Therapy: Session One
Yeeeeees! I finally updated this!

Also, I had to abbreviate the title as such because DA wouldn't let me post it with the full title.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed!
"Here's a copy of your schedules boys. Have a great semester."

"We will, Principal Victoria." Mike and Pete reply in unison to the blonde educator. They then walked out of the gym, which had students lined up to the entrance waiting to be admitted, and began walking through the halls to find their lockers.

Mike grumbled. Something, for once, hadn't gone according to plan. "Damn… Looks like my locker is on the other side of the school. That's a shame. I'll be back as soon as possible, Pete." He smirked. "Stay out of trouble."

He didn't respond. He was just grateful that Mike wasn't around for a brief while. He sighed, feeling like he could think for himself and breath for a while. He wanted to take advantage of it immediately. It could be a long time until he got the chance to do it again.

He found his locker and put the combination in, placing all his books and other personal belongings inside. He left the top shelf of his locker empty, that is, except for a few personal pictures. Firkle, Craig, Tweek, Butters, Bradley, and even Bloodrayne would greet him when he stopped by to pick up his items for the next class. Pete gave a sad smile at the happy, grinning faces. He closed his locker and made to report to his homeroom.

"There you are, you bastard!" A familiar female voice shouted from down the hall. She sounded very unhappy. On edge, even.

Pete tensed up, instantly recognizing the voice as Henrietta's, and also heard a quieter male voice trying to calm her down; undoubtedly being Michael.

"Come on Henri; let's just go to our usual spot behind the school. He's not worth it."

"No Michael! I want answers!" Henrietta snapped back at him. Pete could tell by her tone that she was enraged, but didn't have a chance to flee before he felt her presence right behind him. She then harshly grabbed his shoulder, and spun him around so he was looking at her.

Pete saw that both Michael and Henrietta looked exhausted; emotionally drained even. He could see that, underneath their thick black eyeliner, their eyes were puffy - signaling they had been crying recently.

Henrietta sneered slightly before hissing out, "You better have a good explanation for what you did, you fucking prick!"

"Henri-" The taller Goth began to say; only to be cut off.

"I mean, I can forgive you suddenly being besties with Vamp-Queerand his minions, maybeeven over-look you not replying to anyof multiple text and calls we've sent you over the past freaking month, but not showing up to Firkle's memorial?! That crosses the fucking line!"

"Maybe he's just dealing with this in a different way, Henrietta." Michael suggested meekly; trying to get the enraged girl to calm down even the tiniest amount.

"That's not an excuse!" Henrietta defended; her glare never leaving Pete. "You don't think we'rehaving trouble dealing with this?! Going to Firkle's memorial practically tore me and Michael apart, but we still went because he was our friend! Even kids from Firkle's class who barely knew himshowed up to pay their respects, and you?! You didn't even care enough to send a fucking flower, and you knew him better than anyone! What makes you so fucking special?!"

The Goth held his tongue, but a rising need to talk built within him.

In all honesty, he had heard about the memorial for Firkle, and wanted to go with all his heart. But Mike had forbidden him from going the second he heard of the event. Whether it was to mentally torture Pete or to keep a low profile was unclear, but either way, it had crushed him.

Of course, the two standing before him could never know the truth.

"...Come on Henrietta; he's not gonna say anything." Michael said gently, placing a hand on the girl's pale shoulder as an attempt to bring her down.

"Fucking bastard. Fine. Go hang out with your new conformist friends, you poser, backstabbing… son of a bitch." She spat the words like vinegar before turning and storming off down the hall - Michael following close behind without giving a second glance to Pete.

When they were gone, the Goth sighed and turned back to his locker. He grabbed his books and headed for his homeroom. He nearly ran into Mike, who was coming from the other direction, and jumped so high he nearly dropped his things.

"Easy, Pete. No need to be so on edge." The head vampire says with a teasing smirk.

He glared at the vampire. He kept his voice low to avoid attracting attention, but he made sure the anger in his tone came through. "My friends - my actualfriends, that have been there for me for as long as I can fucking remember - wanted me to explain why I couldn't go to Firkle's funeral, and I had to stand there in silencebecause I can't tell them. I am going to be on edge, sir."

Mike crossed his arms. "I'd watch yourself, Pete. You're letting your emotions get in the way of logical thought again."

"I don't give a fuck. I know that you said I can't tell anyone, but could you at least tell me a lie to tell them so they don't hate me?"

"That was the plan, Pete." Mike replied blandly. "To drive them away from you. Clearly they're no good for you, since they haven't noticed how distressed you clearlyare. So much for being good friends."

The Goth didn't want to think that. He didn't want to think that Michael and Henrietta abandoned him since that fateful night. He curled his hands into a fist, but knew better than to swing. "They wouldn't. They aren't like you.They're people,with logicand thought.They're worried. I might be forbidden from speaking to them, but you can't keep them from speaking to me."

Mike saw the teachers about the hallway and knew he couldn't lash out at Pete. He put an arm on his shoulder, instead, acting all friendly and kind. The teachers couldn't see through the facade. He muttered in Pete's ear. "You lash out at me like that again, and I'll cut out your tongue with the dullest pair of scissors I can find. Got it?" He flashed a grin at a janitor, waving to greet him as they walked by.

Pete remained silent until they passed by him. "Except I'd end up drowning in my own blood. Then where would you be, with me dead? All of that was to get me,right?"

"I'd find a way. Drink your blood straight out of your mouth…" Mike's breath was hot on the Goth's ear. He could almost smell the blood on his breath. Pete wondered desperately why no one could see the panic he was vaguely suppressing. Not a teacher seemed to see the bruises on his wrists, the gashes on his face, the hickeys on his neck; the marks seeming to possibly be invisible to all but the two of them. Didn't anyoneworry?

Even Henrietta or Michael?

No. He had to face facts. They wouldn't possibly worry for him. Not after he was forced to betray them. After all, Goths look out for one another, and if you do anything to upset that bond in the slightest, you were blacklisted for life; dead to them even.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and the remaining students left in the halls began scurrying to get to their classes.

"Look's like we better get moving." Mike smirked, slyly using the arm that was already around Pete to bring his skinny frame closer to him. "Wouldn't want to be late to class, would we?"

The Goth couldn't help but shudder slightly at the other words, and nods - letting himself be lead down the hallway by the taller teen next to him. Of course, he knew no one would pay him any mind. Thanks to being forced to hang around the vamp kids, people just assumed he was another pawn in their group, and that he was just like the others.

If only they knew the truth; then they'd be concerned. Pete thought to himself as smiling, blissfully ignorant students continued to pass by. If only…

The two eventually arrive at Pete's homeroom, pulling the other from his thoughts, and Mike finally released the shorter from his grasp.

"You'll meet me right here by this water fountain after this period ends so we can walk to first period together. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

"Yes, m'lord." Pete replied; being careful to not draw attention by calling Mike "master".

"Excellent." MIke smirked; his fake fangs showing. "See you there then." The head vamp then glanced around to make sure no one was close by, and leaned in before whispering lowly once more into the other's ear. "And just remember; if you breathe a word of this to anyone, I will find out, and you willbe tasting your own blood."

Pete watched as Mike left him to walk to the opposite side of the building, towards his own homeroom. The other was uneasy, that was certain. Why else he wouldn't feel the need to threaten him constantly? The Goth wondered what was going on. Mike mentioned that people were suspicious.

Although, even if he managed to find out what was going on, Pete doubted that he would be able to exploit it for his freedom. Fear was the only thing that kept him by Mike's side. Not friendship, blood pacts, or love. He wished he had the courage to fight him. If nothing else, he hoped for the courage to end it all and not be part of these killings any more.

Hell couldn't possibly be much worse than what he had going on, right?

Pete headed to class, figuring that if he was going to be at school, held against his will by the government - and Mike - he might as well spend it productively. He just hoped someone would ask what was going on...
Darkest Dawn - Chap.2: Blast from the Past
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, chapter 2!

To be honest, this was kinda supposed to be up yesterday, but.....shit happened, and it didn't get posted. Oh, and also, chapter 2 of the Institution AU is coming soon - possibly even tonight! :D

….okay, I’m not gonna lie, I REALLLLY want to love this episode! And that’s coming from someone who’s, admittedly, a little indifferent to Timmy and Jimmy altogether - only because I am already obsessed with that blonde dork known Tweek and the Goth kids. 

I mean, the very beginning was amazing, Timmy was adorable with his little teddy bear, almost everyone in town supported Timmy and his cause, RANDY IS STILL LORDE, they parodied Wacky Races while also changing the animation up a bit to match the original cartoon, and the parents were also complete cuties!

It honestly could’ve been one of South Park’s better episodes, but…

That one joke though….

Like….holy fuck Matt and Trey! The last episode set this season SP so far in the right direction, and in five seconds flat, it’s like they threw themselves right back to the starting line!

Don’t get me wrong, the episode as a whole was (in my opinion) really good, but….that one fucking joke

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