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Alright. Well, that was…something. Wasn’t it?

In case you’re wondering what I’m taking about, a new video of the YouTube series “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” came out today. Several people have stated how they felt on this, and since I talked about my opinions for the last one, I’m gonna go ahead and do it for this one as well.

So what exactly did I think of this one?


Ya see, that’s just it. I’ve given it time to process, and I’m still really at a toss-up about my feeling for it. Was it as good as other episodes? Personally, nah. Was it the worst this the worst end-product we could have received? Honestly…no, it isn’t.
I say this because the lore building, to me, was beyond phenomenal, and so many theories have arisen in me from it.

The beginning alone raised so many questions about how the puppet’s world operates. Not only was Red guy gone, but the remaining two couldn’t seem to even remember his name; only the suspicious feeling of something being missing. Now, some could say he just remained dead from the last episode, but the end credits plus a few sprinkled appearances during the lesson tell a different tale. This raises the possibility of the puppets being able to exit the “Puppet World” so to speak by realizing that their world is being watched and controlled or getting murdered outside the home. And, if that is truly how it works, then it’s a likely possibility that Harry was the one calling the home; which, again, can be inferred because of the credits (by the way, Harry in a coat and scarf is my new aesthetic). So that then only raises the question of why his calls weren’t going through. Hypothetically, let’s say a force (most likely Roy) that could only stay in the world it was in created the puppets, and after awhile, started making “teachers” to give them “lessons” for self amusement. Now, imagine that force learning that Red Guy had somehow broken free, and was enraged that one of its toys would just up and leave it like that. The only rational response to this? Create tons of new teachers out of rage purely to torture the ones left behind and cut off any messages Harry could manage to get to Robin and Manny. This may explain such a different vibe to episode as well as the rather graphic and dark turn as well as the teachers fear. Either that, or their very reality is breaking apart due to how aware each of them is becoming to their surroundings.

…sorry about that lengthy text; I was just really inspired by the lore this time.
Anyway, aside from what I mentioned, this episode also had its faults. Here’s my opinions on the more heavily seen criticisms via Tumblr tag.

The song seemed fairly downgraded, especially considering music is dhmis’s staple, and while it didn’t sound bad necessarily, it certainly wasn’t anything memorable. Plus, the appearance of all these characters without an established lead (now that I think about it, it may have been the meat man, but I’m still adding this here anyway) made the structure of the episode fairly wonky and jumbled.

The sudden attention to gore was a bit…startling to say the least, but after awhile of letting it sink in, it personally didn’t come off as anything new to me considering the series. DHMIS did gore related shock humor in its first two episodes so, while focused on it a little too much this time, it didn’t seem as out of place as it did during my first viewing. Oh, and as for Manny eating Robin bit by bit…yeah, that got a little out of hand.

Lastly, the message seemed a bit unclear as well. While obviously having to do something with the food service industry lying in some way to children, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly what area they were taking
about. Again, honestly felt as if they were trying to lore build more than anything, and it just didn’t mix will with their usual formula.

Okay, I believe that about covers it. Overall, not the worst or best thing from the series, but improvement could definitely be shown. Thanks a lot to those of you who have read to this point, and as a side not, aside from all the blood and guts surround him, chubby Manny looked adorable.
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