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It was a cold, bitter afternoon as snow lightly feel from an overhanging gray sky.

Player’s stomach knots at the knowledge of what lies ahead, but can only gives a heavy sigh before making their way across the bridge that lead into Snowdin. But as usual, two familiar skeletons were in the way of the exit, and Player stops.

On que, Papyrus begins his usual spiel about how they’ve come to his most deadly tap trap, and how it was practically impossible for them to pass through.

However, through his entire speech, Player could only focus on Sans.

The short skeleton was visibly more distant than usual, and Player knew he would probably kill them if given the chance. Afterall, he was the one who had drug them into the game as a punishment for them trying to avoid the consequences of the genocide route - though it was unclear how he was able to do so.

Still, Player saw the skeleton as their friend, and could only hope he’d find it in his heart to at least hear what they had to say.

Eventually, Papyrus recalls his trap, gives a short speech about how he would not be as merciful the next time they met, and scurries off to Snowdin - completely unaware of the mounting tension between the two.

Cautiously, Player walks to the end of the bridge, and after a moment’s hesitation, shuffles through the snow to where Sans stood.

“Hi, San.”

The skeleton remains silent, keeping his gaze on the third distance.

Player pauses for a moment, unsure if this was still a good idea, but forces themselves to continue. “I...I know we’re not on the best of terms right now, but I have something I need to say.”

More silence follows this statement, and after several minutes, Player summons all their courage before taking a deep and calming breath.

It was time to acknowledge their past sins.

“Look, I...I know what I did was unforgivable, and I don’t expect you to forgive me.” Player eventually explains, fighting back forming tears. “I just...hate that it took losing your friendship to understand what you were telling me back at the judgment hall.”

This seems to get the others attention.

The white pinpricks in Sans’s eye-socket shift towards Player, and for the first time during their entire conversation, the two met gazes.

“For the longest time I thought I was above such consequences, that...nothing I did to you guys really mattered” Player explains as their hand quickly slides along their cheek to wipe away the now streaming tears. “But now I see just how wrong I was. The monsters here aren’t just toys I can just break whenever I get bored. They’re living, breathing creatures, and I promise to do all I can to get the happy ending everyone trapped here deserves.”

Player finishes their speech, and for several minutes, the two stare at each other in silence.

“...I...should get going.” Player says, shoving their hands into their jean pockets in a vain attempt at keeping them warm. “Pap is probably on the outskirts of Snowdin by now; I’d hate to have him waiting there all day for our fight.”

Player then begins to slowly trudge towards Snowdin, but just as they approach the tree-line, a voice catches them off guard.

“Hey kid,” Sans says. “Don’t forget to wear a jacket when you fight my brother. His attacks will chill you to the bone.”

Player was in utter disbelief.

They quickly turn to face Sans once again, but find he was no longer there.
100 Themes Challenge #70 - Bitter Silence (Gift)
For the ever patient Euphratesthehybrid!

Sorry for how short this is, bud, but hopefully it was worth the wait! ;w;
As most of the fandom has heard, Wander Over Yonder has not been renewed for a 3rd season.

At first, I was very upset by this. After all, this show has affected me in more ways than I could ever possible say, and has legitimately made me strive to try and be a kinder person. Plus, with it’s animation near flawless, the mere concept of such an early cancellation baffled me. Heck, I even signed four of the main petitions that are going around to save the show, even though I know it probably won’t get far.

This cancellation is truly heartbreaking…but in a way, I’m also happy.

True, the cancellation is still sad, but I’m glad that we got what we did from it. The detailed characters, the brilliant music and writing, the fluid animation; it’s all something we can look back on and smile about. Plus, with the awards and attention the shows getting due to season two, it’s all the more reason to be proud of the amazing final product this cartoon gave us.
So I understand if you’re upset, but let’s just help the show go out on the highest note possible by tuning into the last cluster of episodes and continue to show our appreciation for it even after it concludes.

@crackmccraigen, thank you so much. You and the entire WOY crew did an amazing job with this show, and wish you all luck with whatever you plan to do in the future.
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