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"Pete, take that blasphemous thing off at once!"

"What? My new hoodie?" Pete asks in innocently; titling his head to the side in fake confusion. "Don't you like it? I was thinking of you when I picked it out."

This only seemed to make Mikes rage bubble further.

It wasn't the hoodie itself the head-vampire had a problem with; more so it was what it had on it that made his blood boil. For, right in the middle of the hooded sweat shirt, was the words "Team Jacob" printed in bold, black letters.

For obvious reasons, Mike couldn't allow this travesty of justice to continue.

"Pete, stop playing innocent, per se." Mike hisses through slightly clenched teeth. "Now take off that... that abomination before someone I know sees you! I mean, what would my followers think if they saw my dark lover wearing the clothes of the enemy!"

"Well, that's your problem, isn't it?" Pete says while crossing his arms in a defiant manner. "Just like how it was my problem to cover up the numerous hickeys and bite-marks you left all over my neck in the mere hour I had to get read for school."

Mike took a minute to process the shorters words, but when he finally did, he blink in surprise.

“….that’s why you’re wearing this?”


“But...if you didn’t want me to leave hickies and bite-marks; why didn’t you tell me, per se?”

“I did; you just didn’t listen.”

Mike blinked once again in realization, and lets a slight "Oh!" escape him before rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. " that case, I'm terribly sorry for not listening to you, Pete. I promise I'll be more considerate the next time, fool around, for lack of a better term. I guess I should have-”

"Okay, you can stop with the terrible apology, Mike." Pete interrupts blandly. "I'm not even that upset over it anymore."

The head vampire blushes faintly at this before saying, “Ah….alright then. So, anyway, I trust since you’ve gotten your point across that you’ll be taking that thing off, and never wearing it in public again, per se?”

“Yeah, I will.”

Mike then gets a smile of relief at this, but it quickly fades when Pete’s mouth suddenly curls into a taunting smirk.

“...that is, after about a week or two while these marks on my neck fade.”
100 Themes Challenge - #17: Vengence - Pete/Mike
Yay~ I got this done~'s better than the last one, but still not one of my better themes. /flops

ANYWAY, I'm just gonna leave a little update for you all here. I have a ton of projects coming up. Ex.: The Sequel to "Dark Harvest" was just wrapped up be me and my co-write, so whenever we both agree editing's done and junk, I'll start posting chapters. As for chapter 2 of my "South Park Institute for Mental Health" thing, I'm afraid I'm not THAT for along with it as I'd like to be, but I PROMISE it'll be done and posted before Halloween!

On those notes, hope you enjoyed, and I'll update these again...whenever. .3.

….okay, I’m not gonna lie, I REALLLLY want to love this episode! And that’s coming from someone who’s, admittedly, a little indifferent to Timmy and Jimmy altogether - only because I am already obsessed with that blonde dork known Tweek and the Goth kids. 

I mean, the very beginning was amazing, Timmy was adorable with his little teddy bear, almost everyone in town supported Timmy and his cause, RANDY IS STILL LORDE, they parodied Wacky Races while also changing the animation up a bit to match the original cartoon, and the parents were also complete cuties!

It honestly could’ve been one of South Park’s better episodes, but…

That one joke though….

Like….holy fuck Matt and Trey! The last episode set this season SP so far in the right direction, and in five seconds flat, it’s like they threw themselves right back to the starting line!

Don’t get me wrong, the episode as a whole was (in my opinion) really good, but….that one fucking joke

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:iconjackspicerchase:- She creates THE BEST SuperJail art! Seriously, if your a SJ fan go to her profile, if you haven't already, and go see for yourself!
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Anyway, that's all my awesome friends, but, if I happened to have forgotten you, please tell me and I'll fix that right away! ^^


:heart:My Top 10 Fave Couples:heart:

1) Pike - Pete x Mike (South Park)

2) Creek - Craig x Tweek (South Park)

3) Style - Stan x Kyle (South Park)

4) NoCo - Noah x Cody (Total Drama Series)

5) Bratters - Bradley x Butters (South Park)

6) Mischief loves Tasers - Loki x Darcy (Thor Series from Marvel's The Avengers)

7) Frost-ler - Jack Frost x Once-ler (crossover ship from Rise of the Guardians and The Lorax)

8) Lumbra - King Sombra x Princess Luna (My Little Pony)

9) Padlock - Paige x Toni (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)

10) Mericcup - Merida x Hiccup (crossover ship from How to Train Your Dragon and Brave)


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Other Random Things:

There's not really much left to tell. You can also find me on my other two must-used social media sites.


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