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From what I can tell, I’m not the only one who thought this beginning episode was disappointing. I mean, if you liked this beginning episode please don’t let all this negativity bring you down/stop you from watching it if you haven’t seen it yet, but…it’s just…I dunno. To me, something just seemed to be missing in this episode. Maybe it was all the lovable side-characters we’ve grown as attached to as the main cast, or maybe just the fact we were spoiled by the awesomeness known as season 17/The Stick of Truth game, but whatever the case, to me, something just wasn’t there.

It’s like…Matt and Trey weren’t really involved in this episode. I know that seems a bit extreme, but…this episode just…didn’t feel like it was THEIR work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very happy the show is back on for another season, and that the four boys are back, but…I just hope this season gets better...
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:iconquiet-niightmares0: - Started randomly talking to her, and TOTALLY beats Pinkie-Pie in the feild of randomness! xD
:iconjackspicerchase:- She creates THE BEST SuperJail art! Seriously, if your a SJ fan go to her profile, if you haven't already, and go see for yourself!
:icononcelersnumberonefan: - she is another one of my awesome Once-ler buddies! xD
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Anyway, that's all my awesome friends, but, if I happened to have forgotten you, please tell me and I'll fix that right away! ^^


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1) Pike - Pete x Mike (South Park)

2) Creek - Craig x Tweek (South Park)

3) Style - Stan x Kyle (South Park)

4) NoCo - Noah x Cody (Total Drama Series)

5) Bratters - Bradley x Butters (South Park)

6) Mischief loves Tasers - Loki x Darcy (Thor Series from Marvel's The Avengers)

7) Frost-ler - Jack Frost x Once-ler (crossover ship from Rise of the Guardians and The Lorax)

8) Lumbra - King Sombra x Princess Luna (My Little Pony)

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hey I got the story done. I just hope you like it I wrote it the best I could, I never have to many ideas
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((Hey, I'm beginning the Maze Runner RP here~ Remember, if ya have any questions, just ask. ;)))

*It was a seemingly regular afternoon in the Glade, and all the people who lived there were doing their job - some harvesting and gathering crops, others building, a few carving wood, etc. But of course, the most important job was for two boys known as the Runners - Thomas, one of the new arrivals, and Minho. They'd been exploring the maze again for the second time, trying to see what they could find, but they soon had to return, so they were quickly on their way back* 

Thomas: *dashes through the corridors, soon spotting the still-open doors* !! Minho, it's there!

Minho: *gets wide-eyed, running faster to match Thomas's pace* Where? Oh! There! C'mon, let's hurry! The doors should be closing soon! 
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Thanks for the like on "Oh, Mabel" -- I really appreciate the support.

However, this isn't really my primary DeviantArt. If you're intrigued or interested at all, I would suggest you check out my primary one. I have some relevant information on it here:…

Thank you again for the like.
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